Emanuel Ax

‘What a thrill to encounter the Maene piano for the first time! It seems to combine the assets of the old 19-century piano’s with the power and brilliance of the modern instrument. And the feel of the keyboard is a dream!’

Daniel Barenboim

'I am so delighted to have worked with Chris Maene, who had the same dream, and I must pay tribute to his incredible technical expertise and his deep respect for both tradition and innovation ... ' 


Pierre-Laurent Aimard

‘I’m so pleased to be able to play Ravel on this instrument’


Hannes Minnaar

‘It is an utterly beautiful and convincing instrument. The sound is definitely different and inspires me particularly!’


Frank Braley

I’m touched by the enormous amount of personality the instrument has. Like historical instruments I can hear different registers with their own color and special character, just like an orchestra ‘


Jan Michiels

‘So many more possibilities of expression for our core repertoire.’



Eric Le Sage

‘What a pleasure to encounter a new instrument that brings you new ideas and takes you to new musical territories. It will be perfect for the repertoire I am playing and a huge bravo for the team and its extraordinary care in production and conception.’


Alexei Lubimov

‘ For both our ears and our mind it is obviously a new sound. Everything is so clear, transparent and beautifully in balance! And it is playing easily.’


Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort

‘The sound of this piano opens an entirely new world. Sitting at this grand piano I feel like a choirmaster. The instrument responds to my playing style in great detail, with plenty of variation in timbre and nuance.’

Bram de Looze

‘It is my greatest pleasure to explore this instrument with large responsive action, great touch, special tone and superb clarity in the lower registers. This pianomodel is an enrichment to the world of modern pianomanufacturing. This piano responds to my personal imagination and it generates highest musical expression.’


Julien Libeer

‘It is a kind of blessing playing and recording on the Chris Maene Straight Strung Grand Piano. Whether you are playing this instrument or sitting in the audience, you can hear things in the music you have never heard before. ‘