Individually attached strings

Referring to the best historical grand pianos of the 19th century, the strings of every instrument are individually attached, giving more stability and resonance to the sound.


Inside view

This extraordinary view from the inside displays the high quality of the hand-made action and its customized set-up.



French polishing

To preserve the traditional, handcrafted character of the soundboard and to establish a visible aesthetic link to the past, it is polished by hand (French polishing), instead of relying on the synthetic lacquer that is commonly used today.


The frame

To hold the immense string tension (up to 20 tons), the cast-iron frame is an essential component since it has to give the necessary strength to the instrument.

Modern CNC technology ensures drilling and shaving to an absolute degree of precision and perfection. The frame is sanded several times by hand to achieve a beautiful satin finish that reflects Chris Maene’s exclusive care and his craftsmanship’s pride.


The braces

The braces are not positioned in a fan-like shape, but they follow the straight-strung principles since they are put in the same direction as the strings for a stronger support of the string tension.

The action

The action is the key to every single pianists’ sound. The Chris Maene Straight Strung Grand Pianos benefit from a modern custom-made action with Renner-parts and a state-of-the-art Kluge keyboard, offering pianists a familiar and reliable sense of touch.

The movable duplex

The movable duplex enables extremely accurate tuning and extraordinary overtones in every register of the Chris Maene Straight Strung Grand Piano.

Bass strings

Only high-quality strings are used. In order to achieve the characteristic bass sound, the bass strings are wound with brass instead of red copper.