The Chris Maene Concert Pedal Piano

The Chris Maene Concert Pedal Piano : an exceptional instrument for a festive 85 years anniversary


The Chris Maene workshop now made a revolutionary new concert pedal piano.

Pianos Maene was founded in 1938. At the time, founder Albert Maene was an organist, music teacher and neighbour of organ maker Joseph Loncke. From the 1950s, for the benefit of organists, he converted some pianos into pedal pianos.  For this anniversary year and as a tribute to founder Albert Maene, the Chris Maene workshop now decided to manufacture a new concert pedal piano.

The instrument was advised by Italian pianist Roberto Prosseda, who is the world authority on playing pedal piano.

The pedal instrument with parallel strings is integrated into a stage on which the Chris Maene Straight Strung Concert Grand CM//284 stands.

Concert grand pianos of any brand can be used as well in combination with this pedal piano.

The instrument has been inaugurated by Roberto Prosseda on October 21 2023 at the Concerts d'Automne in Tours, France

Here you can listen to the live-recording of this concert by Radio Classique.



Concept and details



-       Rim: assembled massive hard maple and mahogany

-       Soundboard: spruce from the Alps/ hand polished

-       Pedalboard: oak

-       Pedalboard action: designed en build in Chris Maene  workschop

-       Action pedalpiano: Renner action and hammers: Built according to Chris Maene specifications

-       Compass pedal: 32 pedals (CC-g)

-       Damping pedal:   the damper pedal is connected to the damper pedal of the concert grand

-       Full length with pedalboard : 390 cm

-       Width: 168 cm