The Chris Maene Straight Strung Parlor Grand CM//200

The famous straight strung grand piano played by Daniel Barenboim for at home!


A colorful and transparent sound, a rich bass and a crystal-clear descant register: the typical characteristics of the straight strung concert grand we manufactured for Daniel Barenboim, is now available in a smaller size.

After having conceived the Concert Grand CM//284, the Chamber Music Concert Grand CM//250 and the Parlor Grand CM//228, earning their tracks in concert halls worldwide, the Chris Maene Workshop now presents the Parlor Grand CM//200.

This only 2 metres long instrument has been specifically conceived for living rooms and salons. It combines the high-end concert action and the craftsmanship of the famous straight strung concert grands played by Daniel Barenboim, with a more compact size and contemporary design.

The Chris Maene Straight Strung Parlor Grand CM//200 can as well be finished with different veneers, such as Mahogany or Macassar, enhancing the exclusive character of the instrument.