Pianoforte Johann Fritz, Vienna, 1811

Johann Fritz is known as one of the greatest piano makers inVienna ca.1810-1840.

A number of his instruments still survive upon today. Many aspects of his instruments suggest that he learned to build fortepianos in Anton Walter's workshop in Vienna, Austria.

His pianos were exported to several other countries and were made with high and refined quality and craftsmanship. Compared to Graf and Walter, he was making his instruments faster and with evolved developments in size and compass. He built pianofortes which, in terms of their sonority and as pieces of furniture, were perhaps the most truly elegant. Fritz can be considered a missing link between the 5 octaves pianofortes of Anton Walter and the 6,5 octaves pianofortes from Conrad Graf. The bass and middle section of the instrument has 2 strings and the upper section has three strings. This replica was made from the original Fritz which we have in our Chris Maene Collection. 


Technical data:

  • Compass: FF – f4
  • Dimensions: L 223 cm / W 117 cm
  • Case: mahogany, ebony, hand polished
  • Keyboard: naturals in bone tops, sharps in ebony
  • Action: Viennese Prell action/hammers and dampers in leather
  • Pedals: bassoon, una corda, moderator and damping