Inside the hearing machine

“You do hear better when you bring your head under this machine, don’t you?,” André Stein asked Beethoven, in reference to the Gehörmaschine he had built in 1820 to go on top of Beethoven’s Broadwood piano. Two centuries later, we too can bring our heads under the machine and wonder: Do we hear Beethoven differently? This recording invites us inside the hearing machine—the multisensory playground of the deaf composer for whom the machine was more than a mere hearing aid.

A 54-minute documentary by Steven Maes
featuring Tom Beghin, Chris Maene, Robin Wallace, Thomas Wulfrank and Martha de Francisco
English (with subtitles)

This research has been conducted in the context of the research cluster "Declassifying the Classics" at the Orpheus Institute, Ghent (Belgium).

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Full length documentary : 

Inside the hearing machine 360

Click and drag your way through this 360-degree video clip and use headphones to enjoy spatial audio.