Pianoforte Longman Clementi, London, 1798

We know that Joseph Haydn, in Vienna, had a fortepiano from the English instrument builder and music publisher Longman & Broderip and also maintained professional relationships with him. Musio Clementi, the young Italian virtuoso who came to England to make a career as a composer and a pianist, also had professional relations with Longman & Broderip. When in 1798, the partners were threatened with bankruptcy as a result of financial problems, it was Clementi who came across with financial support. He took over the company in 1798, under the name of Longman Clementi & Co, and from 1800 under the name of Clementi & Co.

The construction of this English fortepiano was more progressive than the Viennese variant: the English fortepiano innovated with regard to the case, the soundboard, the strings (3 instead of 2 in the Viennese instruments), the compass and the pedals (una corda 3-2-1). This way, a greater dynamic and expressive range was created.


Technical data:

  • Compass: FF - c’’’’
  • Dimensions: L 229 cm / W 107 cm
  • Case: mahogany
  • Keyboard: naturals in bone tops, sharps in ebony
  • Action: English
  • Pedals: 2