Straightstrung Concert Grand

Daniel Barenboim & Chris Maene unveiled a ground-breaking new piano, the Barenboim-Maene Concert Grand - based on Steinway & Sons, at a special event at London’s Royal Festival Hall (26 May, 2015).

Barenboim was inspired to create a new piano after playing Franz Liszt’s restored grand piano during a trip to Siena in September 2011. Struck by the vital differences in sound of an instrument constructed with straight, parallel strings rather than the diagonal crossed ones of a contemporary instrument, he set out to create a brand new instrument that combines the best of the old and the new and offers a real alternative for pianists and music-lovers in the 21stcentury.

The new Barenboim-Maene piano combines the touch, stability, and power of a modern piano with the transparent sound quality and distinguishable colour registers of more historic instruments and, while it does not differ significantly in looks from a modern concert grand, most of its components – including the braces, the Chris Maene patented soundboard, the cast-iron frame, the bass strings, the keyboard and action – have been specially-designed and tailor made and the positioning of others, such as the hammers and strings is radically different.

Maestro Daniel Barenboim said  “I’ve fallen in love with my new piano, and want to spend as much time with it as possible.”

There are only two Barenboim-Maene straightstrung concert grands in the world.

The making of

Discover the building of the Chris Maene Straight Strung Concert Grand.

On My New Piano

Maestro Daniel Barenboim travels around the world with his piano. The Barenboim-Maene straightstrung concert grand can be heard on his solo recording “On My New Piano”, which is released on November 4 by Deutsche Grammophon via Universal Music Canada.

Chris Maene Concert Grand

The success of the Barenboim-Maene concert grand created an international interest and demand for our straightstrung concert grands. This resulted in the decision to commercialize this project. In the spring of 2017, three new instruments will be available.

Technical data:

  • Model: CM // Concert Grand 280
  • Dimensions: L 280 cm / W 157 cm
  • Compass: 90 keys, GGG – c’’’’
  • Keyboard: Kluge, Remscheid, Germany (built according to Chris Maene specifications)
  • Black keys: ebony wood
  • White keys: non-slippery and non-reflecting composite material
  • Bass strings: Bespoke brass wound bass strings, hand made and custom calculated (proprietary software by Quality Strings,
  • Action: Renner action and hammers / Built according to Chris Maene specifications
  • Soundboard: Patent Chris Maene / Red spruce from the Alps / Hand polished